Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Post is Worthless

Tomorrow I hope to post a more serious discussion on forgiveness.  I have been forgiven more, in my life, than I care to admit, and I think that this topic requires more than a marginal effort on my part.  I want to be able to spend enough time to fully communicate the ways the forgiveness has worked in my life.  I am a bit rushed today, because I have one hundred billion things to do and only a few weeks/days to do it in.  I feel that I have failed this blog and you my readers.

Ok a few quick notes:

1. Orphan is a terrifying movie.  There is something about evil children that disturbs me to my core.  I would rather fight a demented serial killer than face the darkened face of an evil child.

2. Glee is a phenomenal show.  I sing along with the cast every episode and at the end I usually want to commit my life to song and dance.  Weird but true.

3. P90x is the bane of my existence, but I endure its unspeakable evils because it allows me to eat whatever I want without having to spend additional money to buy larger clothing.

I promise that my post tomorrow will make up for this useless excuse for a post.  Don't give up on me yet.  I did warn ya'll that not every post would be good, and this is proof.  I am know going to do some KenpoX then some homework then bed.  Stay posted for a better post tomorrow.


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Michael Chase Spain said...

Good enough. I especially like the wordcraft used in the P90X paragraph...the turn of phrase struck me as funny.

Oh, and "y'all" is the contraction of the two words: you and all.