Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Viking Siting: Marion Barber

This past Sunday I was sharpening my axe so that I could use it to trim my manly viking beard when I heard the phrase "Marion the Barbarian" come from my T.V. set. Upon hearing this I was immediately captivated. Who was this "Barbarian" and did he deserve to be called by one of the most revered titles in all of Viking culture. I sat and watched this man in his shining silver war helmet and regal blue and white battle garb, as he decimated all that stood before him and his goal.  I saw defenders whose sole purpose was to bring this man to the ground shy away from the ferocity of this man.  Not since I last saw mighty Odin swing his hammer have I see such fear in the hearts of man.  This is the man called Marion the Barbarian.

Marion Barber #24 RB

Barber's rushing statistics in the 2007 season in 15 games were 975 yards on 203 carries, 4.8 yards per carry rushing average, and ten rushing touchdowns.  The only running back with more touchdowns since 2006 is LaDainian Tomlinson who has averaged over a hundred and fifty more carries a year than Barber.

The only explanation for such a bad ass is of course that he is a viking.  Yeah there is such thing as black vikings you racist jerk.  He wields and deals punishment on the football field just as his and my ancestors did on the ancient battlefields.  He refuses to be stopped, don't believe me?  Check it out here
Yeah, I know my beard hit the floor as well.  Just know... we are everywhere you just have to keep your eyes open.

My all you plunders by merry,
Brooksie Son of Odin

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Musical Segment

Night class is the bane of my existence, thankfully...

Today I purchased Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.  And to answer the question that is undoubtedly running through your head at this very moment... yes it is as badass as that picture makes it out to be.  As I sit here wasting away in my three hour long night class, I am able to contain my Asgardian rage because I know that I have a night full of intense saber battles and fierce force duels while I carve my way through the remaining Jedi forces and Imperial loyalists alike, carrying out Master Vader's commands.  Yeah, its gonna be great.

Till I pillage again,
Brooks, Son of Odin (or lesser known brother of Thor... if you must know)