Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ok guys this is a very crazy time of the semester for me, but I promise I am going to try to keep the quality of my posts up.  I will try to make up for any quality drop on the weekends.  This too shall pass.  I feel obligated to those of you who read to keep things interesting and funny.

There has been an outcry for a continuation of yesterdays story... so I shall appease the masses and post one within the next few days.  Any suggestions on general directions that the story should go?

I want this blog to become popular, but I know that I need to invest more time in it for that to happen.  Unfortunately I do not have that time to give.  I will continue to strive to allocate more time for quality posts.  But we all know that popularity is fleeting as is show in this poster:

My ratio of good posts to bad posts is going in the wrong direction.
Brooks Norman


bkingya said...

Hey man, just keep pounding away! Your good ones are incredible so just keep doing it to it ya!!

Michael Chase Spain said...

That'll do, pig.

Brittany Vaughn said...

Due to my rather pathetic attempts at stalking you through the interwebs, I ended up finding your blog through a Google search that had your Twitter listed. Man, can I take a more difficult route? But I'm here now and I shall catch up on your first (what was it?) 11 days' blogs. Love the pic and both shows mentioned, btw. :]