Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 6

I just got out of the waterball pool, and I barely have enough energy to move my fingers.  If I don't have a six-pack by the end of waterball season then I will never have one ever again.  Tonight I played with a guy whose given, Christian, name was Thor.  Yah, thats what I said.  Brookson, Destroyer of Worlds, and Thor, God of Lightning, joined forces tonight and decimated all who stood before them.  Seriously, my body is completely drained of ATP.  My eyes are drooping. It feels as if there is a lead weight strapped to my chest.

The forgiveness blog is coming I promise.  I'm just overwhelmed with responsibilities.

I attended a lecture today.  It was a guest speaker from SFAU who spoke on Folklore.  It was really interesting learning about some of Texas' oldest lore stories.  I would like to spend some time looking into it  some more.

Much love,
Brooksie Baby

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'stiners said...

don't forget about the guy whose given name was BEAR.