Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Ok today I am just going to do a little stream of consciousness free writing.  There will be no editing no thinking just typing once I start.  I will start with the word butter... ok here we go.

Butter:  It makes me fat and unhappy.  I am usually unhappy when I feel fat, but I usually have been eating some good food so its not all bad.  Do you know what is all bad though... the inability to stop sweating in a normal period of time.  I can take a cold shower after working out and when I finish I am still sweating as much as when I was exercising.  Exercising makes me not fat, which makes me happy.  This stream of consciousness on the other hand does not make me feel happy.  It also seems to deal much to heavily with my feelings.  So to avoid my feelings I am going to talk about Tom Cruise and how I can no longer take him seriously.  I mean honestly, have you read what scientologists believe?  They think the aliens lived inside volcanos and have now been absorbed into our bodies through shampoo.  My favorite shampoo fragrance is coconut.  When I use it, I am transported to a island and I am washing myself beneath a freshwater waterfall.  I think that the last sentence that I just typed makes me a fag.  I'm ok with that though.  Marko used to call cigarettes fags.  He was cool for an Australian-Serb.  Serb reminds me of the word serve, which reminds me of Chilis, which makes me want to kill myself, which makes me want to stop typing.  So it will

brooksie baby  


Jordan Blakey said...

I read this. Which could be read, "I reed this". And I do. Speaking of doo, I need to take one. So I will.

Keep going man, :)

TrickyDick03 said...

wow chilis makes me want to shoot myself in the foot, not quite kill myself though...hope you two are having fun in dallas. its gonna suck watching the game without my bestie, but i guess the future wifey is a good enough excuse to miss the cowboys lol

Michael Chase Spain said...

Coconuts...hahaha. There are waterfalls in Mexico ;-) Yeah, Tom Cruise pushes me toward the edge, too. Have you ever seen the movie Taps? This was the first film I ever saw with Tom Cruise. Thought he was so cool. My, my, far he's fallen. Wish he'd fall into a volcano.

Great job on your blogs. Really enjoying them. What's your feedback on your comments?