Monday, November 16, 2009

I have now completed 10% of my 100 day journey.  I'm proud of me.  Over the course of those ten days my followers have grown from 2 to 14.  I still have absolutely no idea what this blog will end up becoming.

I don't think before I act at times.  Like today, I re-activated my account on Facebook.  I don't know why though.  I hated Facebook and got so disgusted with it that I quit, but there I was rejoining the rest of the world on the largest social networking site in existence.  I am not as cool and original as I like to think.  I am proud that I managed to make it almost two years without Facebook, though.

Today is the Birthday of LSD ( at least for the next 45 minutes) so I present you with this video in honor of the day:

YELL from Larry Carlson on Vimeo.

That video creeps my out and I have never taken LSD.  I can only imagine that it is worse for everyone who has.  Sorry for the slow blog today.  I got some good stuff planned for you tomorrow.  I was a little discouraged today, because today was the first day since I started this blog that no one commented on a post.  Oh well, I'm sure that I will bounce back.

Holler at a Player When You See Him On the Street


bkingya said...

Ok well you have a comment already.
I think LSD is terrifying and im glad your on facebook

'stiners said...

i thought you would continue the story from the last blog...kinda disappointed.

Michael Chase Spain said...

I wanted a continuation of last night's story, too. You're doing well, brosephus. Keep writing. And I'm glad you're back on Facebook, too. I like butter.

11 minutes...where's today's?

Anonymous said...

I've caught up and I'm enjoying it so far. :] I shall join the masses of followers you are receiving and read your daily posts. I may start writing on my blog again, not everyday of course (I'm not that dedicated, haha), but I'll give it another go. Keep it up, you can do it, Brooks! Lame pep talk is over now.