Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Story Continues....

See the Nov. 15 post if your confused:

The flying fishy fiends flopped into the Emerald City with all the power of a tsunami.  Fins, gills, tails, and munchkin body parts began to fly.  The attack had begun.  The munchkins cowered in fear at the scaled army, while the carp showed no mercy.  Their razor sharp dorsal fins slashed huge gashes in the dwarfed appendages of munchkins.  Their powerful scaled tails thrashed about with bone crushing power, much to the dismay of any munchkin that found themselves within their range.
A grim smile found its way to the metallic mouth of the Tin Man.  It was a truly unnatural expression.  Tin Man hovered above the carnage, while scanning the battlefield, looking for his mark.  He saw the Munchkin Marines and the Royally Small Guard organizing a counter offensive in the distance.  "Excellent" he though to himself.  He knew that, with the army out fighting his fishy fellows, the Wizard would be left with minimal security.
He wanted to save his strength for his fight with the Wiz, so he switched to his stealth mode, which all good tin men have, and headed towards the Wizard's tower.  He arrived at the tower and was able to slip past most of the remaining guards.  However, the final two guards saw through the Tin Man's disguise and launched a brutal attack at the Tin Man as he tried to move past them and into the Wizard's chamber.
The battle was quick but ferocious.  The guards were able to do extensive damage to the Tin Man's disguise, but were no match for the Tin Man's destructive power.
Having dispatched the final line of defense for the Wiz, he kicked open the doors to the Wizard's Chamber and looked in upon his adversary with true hatred.

To Be Continued.....

OK,  I had quite a few requests for the continuation of that story.  There shall be more....bwahahahahahahahahaha.

So, I'm proud of Brandon.  He has been steadfast in his commitment to this journey and is writing some really good blog posts.  You should definitely give his blog a read.

I hate people that think that they are far more important than they really are.  They have this annoying habit of thinking that they can say things and get away with it.  The sad part is.... that they can.  Even though my insides burn with unspeakable rage, there is nothing I can do.  This is because usually these people only behave this way in public forums, where I cannot succumb to my Viking instincts and smash their measly mortal bones into the ground.  One day...I will catch them in a dark alley and then I will exact my revenge.

Day 12 in the Books

We will see ya bud,
Brooksie F. Baby


Anonymous said...

So, after much trouble I have finally followed your blog and added a new post to mine. I now remember why I got mad at my blog so much before, posting videos is an almost impossibility on WordPress... :P


(PS) I am more important that you. (Totally kidding.)

bkingya said...

Brooks!! Thanks for the shout out homie!!! Im really digging you tale of the tin man. Hes a very interesting character, a robot driven by heartbreak, crazy. Ya!!!

Michael Chase Spain said...

Good stuff, Brooksalot. I especially liked the sentence "He wanted to save his strength for his fight with the Wiz, so he switched to his stealth mode, which all good tin men have, and headed towards the Wizard's tower." I found it witty and wry in that wry witty way you woll. Sorry your insides are "burning with unspeakable rage". Sounds painful. Love ya, M

John said...

If this was on Facebook all I'd have to do is "like" it and go on my merry way...
Way to keep it up though.


Brooksie Baby said...

Ok... First: Brit, thanks for the follow. You should switch to Blogger.

2. Brandon, no problem on the shout out bug. What do you think the next saga should include?

3. Michael, Kristina liked that line too. She said that it sounded very C.S. Lewis-like to her. I think that people like the stories better than anything else that I write

4. John, i did post this blog entry on the facebook

Thanks for all the comments guys. I feel much more motivated for my next post.

Anonymous said...

I would switch, but I've used that one for so long now and I'd hated to have two different blogs. It's easier to just keep it all in one place. :]

And in my random boredness, I thought you might like to check out this link. :] Maybe for this year or next year, but check it out anyway.