Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tucker Max: Genius Author

I just picked up Tucker Max's book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. A film adaptation of this book will soon by released into theaters near you (thats right....YOU). This book is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I have never before encountered a text that had such a high concentration of debauchery. Every pages oozes with the slime of Tucker's actions. The man is a legend, no other human being can make being such a complete and total narcissistic bastard so likable. He commits every unspeakable taboo imaginable yet, because of his unabashed and completely honest style of communicating his story, we love him for it. He has re-imagined and reinvented the memoir. No longer does one have to feel the need to remake and re-posture himself in his memoir, because Tucker has set the precedent of brutal and ugly honesty.

Oh yah.... He is hilarious too. If you happen to see it in the bookstore look up the chapter entitled "Fellatio Follies"

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