Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have found that most of my writings never seem to make it to my blog page. After a short session of introspective searching I have found that cause of this to be my archaic belief that all things published (whether in print or digital media) need to be inspired and ground breaking. This however is not true and is actually counterproductive to the new socialist community that is Web 2.0 (or user driven media for those of you are not technology nerds like me). The idea that drives the new wave of technology is "cloud think". Cloud think refers the collective thoughts, ideas, writings, art, etc. that have been placed in open and accessible public internet forums that all them to be read and used by all who care to find them. Not everything that is published to the web is necessarily inspired or particularly good, but it serves a purpose in one way or another. The greater the cloud of collected thoughts and works the more that cloud can accomplish. Whether it be finding what is relevant to the masses for a advertising company or something as simple as providing a laugh and an escape the dull monotonous happenings of everyday life. Now that I have realized this truth I now make a pledge to do my part in building this new community. So hopefully I shall blog again soon.

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Michael Chase Spain said...

...ergo your request for ideas to generate iphone-purposed income...I get it. Way to let go of a little perfectionism!